Mountain Castle in the Sky - Bitchu Matsuyama Castle

Information on Castle Shuttle Bus Service
Days of operation: Jan. 20 and 21

Visitors can drive up to Fuigo Pass parking lot on days the Castle Shuttle Bus is not operating.

Floating on a Sea of Clouds
“Mountain Castle in the Sky”

Floating on a Sea of Clouds “Mountain Castle in the Sky” Located near the peak of
Mt. Gagyu at an elevation of 430 m, Bitchu Matsuyama Castle is the only mountain
castle in Japan with a still-existing original castle tower.
Being one of the 12 remaining original castle towers,
the ruins of the castle have been designated as a national
historic site, while the castle tower, two-story turret,
and part of the mud wall, built during the Edo period, have been
designated as national important cultural properties.

Fantastical Mountain Castle Floating on a Sea of Clouds

Bitchu Matsuyama Castle is characterized by its unique mountain castle construction.
The castle construction skillfully created by using granite rocks and lumber taken from Mt. Gagyu is a sight not to be missed.
You can enjoy visiting the castle tower, two-story turret, and mud wall, designated as national important cultural properties, as well as many other interesting sites around the castle.

Learn In Depth about Bitchu Matsuyama Castle

The history of Bitchu Matsuyama Castle started in ancient times with the construction of a fort on Mt. Omatsu in the Kamakura period.
As the periods changed, the castle was moved from Mt. Omatsu to Mt. Komatsu and given its present form.Going through many changes to the lord of the castle, it flourished playing a leading role in Bitchu until the end of the Edo period.

Enjoy Even More of Bitchu Matsuyama Castle

There are many ways to further enjoy Bitchu Matsuyama Castle including programs to enjoy the view of the castle floating in a sea of clouds from the observation deck, hiking up to the castle along the “Sea of Clouds” trekking course, and many others. Enjoy the fantastical Bitchu Matsuyama Castle as the seasons change!




Castle Hours

Apr. to Sept.: 9:00 to 17:30 / Last entry: 17:00
Oct. to Mar.: 9:00 to 16:30 / Last entry: 16:00

Dates Closed

Dec. 29 to Jan. 3
The castle may also be closed temporarily for reasons such as typhoon or snow coverage.

Entrance Fee

Adults 500yen Elementary and Jr. high students200yen
Group Discounts10% for groups of 30 more, 20% for groups of 100 or more

Bitchu Takahashi Explorer (Multi-Site Entry Ticket)

Three-Site Ticket1,000 yen / Valid for entry to: Bitchu Matsuyama Castle, two samurai residences, and Raikyuji Temple garden
Five-Site Ticket1,500yen / Valid for entry to: Bitchu Matsuyama Castle, two samurai residences, Raikyuji Temple garden, Folk Museum (Takahashi City),
and Yamada Hokoku Memorial Museum

No entrance fee is required
for the following persons:
● Students from elementary and junior high schools in the city who visit on a Saturday, Sunday, holiday or when closed
● Persons 65 years or older who reside in the city
● Persons with a disability certificate together with one caregiver