Mountain Castle in the Sky - Bitchu Matsuyama Castle

Meet Sanjuro, Cat Lord of the Castle

Meow! I’m Sanjuro, Cat Lord of the Castle, and I was welcomed into Bitchu Matsuyama Castle, the only still-existing mountain castle in Japan, on Dec. 16, 2018.I look forward to meeting you when you visit Bitchu Matsuyama Castle!



JobCat Lord of Bitchu Matsuyama Castle
AgeAbout six years
Length50 cm + 27 cm tail
Weight6.2 kg. (as of Jan. 4)…I gained weight *meow*…

Sanjuro Rules

It is currently prohibited to touch me in order to prevent infection. You can take photos of me. Although you cannot touch me, please enjoy my cute poses and movement.

Petting Me
You may take photos gently petting or holding me.
I am a friendly cat and rarely get angry but my tail, ears, and paws are sensitive, so do not touch me there! I might get angry and bite your finger *meow*!I like when you pet me gently *meow*♪
Use of flash is prohibited. (May cause vision loss)
My vision might be damaged if many people take souvenir photos every day. I have an old injury in my left eye, so my remaining right eye is very important. Thank you for your cooperation *meow*♪
Feeding Treats
Never give any food directly to Sanjuro.
Actually, I have urinary tract stones…I can only eat special food for my taking care of my urinary tract as recommended by my veterinarian. If you have brought me a food treat, please give it to my vassal (caretaker) who looks after my health *meow*♪


Can we see you any time?
Although I basically live in the castle, I usually patrol the area surrounded by the castle wall at 10:00 and 14:00. These are the best times to be able to meet me!!
Please note that my course through the castle depends on how I am feeling. You can ask my caretaker where I am during my patrols.
I am also sometimes not in the castle due to having to see the veterinarian or some other errand.
What is the origin of your name?
I was named after “Sanjuro Tani”, leader of the Seventh Unit of Shinsengumi who were from Bitchu Matsuyama domain (currently Takahashi City) and also because I was found in the “Sannomaru” of Bitchu Matsuyama Castle. By the way, Takahashi is the hometown of the three Tani brothers!
How long have you lived in the castle?
After the heavy rainfall (Western Japan heavy rain disaster) in July 2018, I wandered around the mountain, eventually reaching Bitchu Matsuyama Castle and I really liked it, so I just stayed to live here. *meow*
Afterwards, my wild spirit couldn’t be contained and I caused quite a stir by running away. I enjoyed playing hide and seek for 19 days, from November 4 to 23, but eventually returned to my vassal.
Then, on December 16, 2018, a “Castle Re-Entry Ceremony” was held for me and I was officially named as the “Cat Lord of the Castle”.


Official souvenirs Currently in preparation
LINE stampsPurchase here
Registration of Type I Animal Handling BusinessSanjuro, Cat Lord of the Castle has been granted the required permission.