Mountain Castle in the Sky - Bitchu Matsuyama Castle

Bitchu Matsuyama Castle Guide

Highlights of Bitchu Matsuyama Castle

Here we introduce the highlights of this mountain castle, including the castle tower, two-story turret, and impressive stone walls, all designated as national important cultural properties.

Castle Tower

It is thought that the castle tower has been here since 1683.The atmosphere of those olden times remains in the castle tower, allowing you to feel the history.

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In 1997, the fifth and sixth one-story turrets, south and east gates, mud wall, and other areas of the Honmaru were restored to recapture their original aspects.

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It is thought that the “Ninomaru” was the last defensive blockhouse of the castle.We introduce this fortress together with the Sannomaru, which served as the front-line defense.

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